Here are just a few examples of some of the work I’ve done over the years. When you’re ready to hire a professional, then get in touch with me here.
living room to kitchen divider

Complete ceiling and divider painting

For this job, the client was looking for a way to cleanly divide the kitchen area from the dining area, while still creating a good flow. The light colours used work well with the light coming in from the window to the right, and I used a washable, hard wearing paint that allows the walls and divider to be easily cleaned and maintained.

The area below the breakfast needed additional coats as this is an area that would otherwise scuff quite easily.

Stairwell and hallway

To make the most of the natural light and to give a fresh clean look, this job was completed in an off-white colour. Special care had to be taken working around the banister rails, as well as the height to the ceiling while on curved stairs.

living room to kitchen divider

Large window with a great view!

In order to get the very best out of this view, the painting needed to be precision work! Additional coats were needed to ensure that the regular sunlight on the area did not cause any fade or cracking, but that’s the advantage of experience and high quality products.

High stud with wooden beams

This was a tricky job, as it required working at height at different levels, but also making sure not to discolour the wooden beams. Once done, the whole area was considerably brighter and fresher!

living room to kitchen divider

Full-room paint work

This full room took some time, as it required the ceiling then the walls to be painted while the carpet was down. That’s the benefit of getting an experienced painter to do the job!

Some other photos of work I’ve done